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Get the cash you need now by selling your future structured settlement and insurance annuity payments.

Companies that Buy Structured Settlements

Settlement Purchasing Industry & Structured Settlement Buyers

The settlement purchasing industry is the secondary market for structured settlement payment rights and is comprised of structured settlement purchasing companies, structured settlement buyers, especially members of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers (NASP) and the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA). It's important to note that settlement purchasers don't buy the actual structured settlement annuities, but actually the rights to receiving the structured settlement payments.

Companies that buy injury settlements, structured settlements, or structured settlement annuity payments may buy or sell at wholesale or retail prices. Typically, selling at retail prices to structured settlement buyers causes processing fees to be incurred by the "annuitant", the party selling the structured settlement rights. This lowers the net cash amount to be received by the "payee" of the structured settlement annuity.

Get Cash for Your Personal Injury Settlement, Lottery Winnings, Insurance Annuity or Structured Settlement Payments NOW!

Why not get the most for your money?! At Fairfund Financial Group, our customers are guaranteed to incur absolutely no hidden fees, period - no catch. That's because we are strictly wholesale and have developed close relationships with investment bankers and other structured settlement purchasing companies that do not put the costs on you, the customer, for these fees.

Get the Most Cash In Value for Your Structured Settlement

Are you looking to sell some of your future structured settlement payments to receive a large lump sum of cash now to meet your financial goals? Do you want the best wholesale prices available on the market for your settlement sale? Then call Fairfund Financial Group at toll-free 1-800-235-0876 to get in touch with one of our experienced financial specialists who will educate you about all aspects about how to get cash for settlement or annuity payments now. To get a head start, you can quickly fill out our free online quote form to get a quote on how much cash you can receive from selling your structured insurance settlement payments, selling personal injury settlements, selling lottery payments, or selling annuity payments.


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