Cash In On Your Structured Settlements the Smart Way
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Get the cash you need now by selling your future structured settlement and insurance annuity payments.

Sell My Structured Settlement Payments for Cash

Deciding to Sell Your Settlement Payments for Cash

There are dozens of reasons why it might be right for you to sell your annuity, sell insurance settlements, sell lottery payments, or sell other structured settlement payments. Here are just a few:

College Tuition Payment Starting Your Own Small Business
Debt Repayment Retirement Nest Egg
New Car Investment Opportunity
Newlywed Expenses Medical Emergency
New House and Home Mortgage Traveling
Newborn Child and Increasing Family Size Other Large or Urgent Purchases
Making Your Dream Come True

Maximize the Power of Your Money by Cashing in on Your Future Annuity Payouts Today

It is important to consider the present time value of your money compared to the future value of money. With inflation, gas prices, and taxes generally on the rise, the purchasing power of your money, dollar for dollar, can be expected to decline as time goes on. And with set annual amounts in your structured settlement annuity, it's not a case where you can expect increases in salary to offset the decline in purchase power. Meanwhile, in the time you are waiting for your payments to accumulate, big investment opportunities may be knocking on your door today. It may also be a good idea to start building home equity if the time is right for you.

How Much Can I Get for Selling My Structured Settlement?

How much can you receive for your structured settlement payments and when can you receive it? That depends on the information found in your lottery payment, insurance annuity, or structured settlement payment documents. Our financial experts are here to help you through each step and answer all your questions. So call us, contact us online, or fill out our free online quote to get a ballpark figure up front about how much cash you can get from selling your future structured settlement payments. Typically, we can provide you much more than our retail competitors.

Get the Most Value for Immediate Cash for Settlement Payments

Are you looking to sell some of your future settlement payments to receive a large lump sum of cash now to meet your financial goals? Do you want the best wholesale prices available on the market for your settlement sale? Then call Fairfund Financial Group at toll-free 1-800-235-0876 to get in touch with one of our experienced financial specialists who will educate you about all aspects about how to get cash for settlement or annuity payments now. To get a head start, you can quickly fill out our free online quote form to get a quote on how much cash you can receive from selling your structured insurance settlement payments, selling personal injury settlements, selling lottery payments, or selling annuity payments.


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